Our Services

Data Science from Data Collection to Model Deployment

We specialise in the field of Data Science. Our services include all the steps required in a successful data science project. From data collection, pre-processing, analysis and engineering to model training and deployment. We have done several times before, and we are confident we can help you do it!

We also specialise in training teams and individuals. Our training courses include computer programming (various programming languages such as Python, R, Java and so on) as well as database technologies (one of our best courses is the NoSQL databases and platforms such as the ELK stack). In addition to the above, we also have expertly designed machine and deep learning courses. Whether you would like to analyse text, images or stock market data, we are certain we can show you how to do it correctly so you make the most of your data. No only that, but we also have Cloud Computing training courses (specifically we focus on using AWS).

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Some of our current services

Data Science Projects and Training Courses

Machine/Deep Learning Projects, Consultancy and Training Courses

Computer Programming Training Courses

NoSQL Database technology design, configuration and deployment (plus training courses)

Cloud Computing setup and training courses!