Covid-19 Diagnosis from just Cough Sound


AI for the Automatic Identification of Covid-19 from Cough Sound

Is it possible that artificial intelligence algorithms can diagnose Covid-19 more accurately than humans (even if they are specialists)? .. The answer is yes!

Evidence? Read on .. and enjoy

This is what researchers at MIT have proven, as they have developed a method that relies on artificial intelligence to analyse a person’s “cough sound” and diagnose whether or not this person is infected with Coronavirus.

Wonderful Idea and Technique

What is wonderful (according to the researchers) is that the human (even if s/he is a specialist) cannot distinguish the difference in the sound of the cough … while the algorithms distinguish it, and by 100% accuracy in many cases.

One of the strengths of this research is the extraction of features from the cough sound using advanced sound analysis algorithms .. then training the AI algorithms on these features .. these features are what the humans cannot identify when listening to the sound of the cough!

The research team have promised to release a mobile phone app so that the research idea can be realised and benefited from 

Imagine you “cough” to the phone and the phone gives you the diagnosis!

Here is a link to the full paper: